Clinic “Talizi” team with leadership of Hair Transplant surgeon Dr. Vazha Vadachkoria has performed master classes in “Healthy Hair center”, Saints Petersburg. Talizi team has showed newest techniques used in the modern field of hair restoration. In the frame of presented surgeries, large volume surgeries has been carried out using Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation methods.

Performing large scale surgeries in short time duration makes us possibility to maximize number of transplanted hair follicular units per surgical case, which is very comfortable for the patients with high scale hair loss stages as maximum result is reached in only a one session, making it possible to reach high density of hair implantation with high survival rate of implanted follicles.

Performing large scale surgeries is associated with difficulties for beginner clinics in terms of effective surgical time management, which on the other hand appears to be one of our strong sides, taking in account our clinics 17 years experience.

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