Platelet Reach Plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP solution combines the advanced hair stimulation potential of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Under the direction of an experienced physician, this innovative treatment is used to create convenient and powerful solution for hair loss. Plasmolifting represents injection of platelet reach plasma, prepared from the patient’s own blood in damage sites, which causes acceleration of regenerative processes, improvement of microcirculation and cellular metabolisms processes and switching hair follicles from resting (Telogen) stage to active (Anagen) stage. We successfully use PRP therapy for treatment of hair loss problems of different etiology and also for improvement of hair transplantation results. All Talizi clinic hair transplant patients are offered PRP therapy for free.


Mesoterapy represents injection of treatment drugs – vitamins, amino acids and other microelements using mini needles in damaged areas trough dermis (mesoderm). As a result maximal concentration of abovementioned agents is reached in problematic areas and comparably fast and expressed therapeutic effect is reached. Since 2003, we actively use Mesoterapy as a treatment for androgenic alopecia and mainly during alopecia areata.

Plasmolifting & Mesotherapy prices

We provide Plasmolifting and Mesotherapy treatments. The prices of each treatment are $100 and $70 with a 100% refund guarantee, so you may rest confident in your choice.

Hair Transplantation Results Before/After