If your hair is thinning or balding, there is a high chance that you would be interested in the DHI hair transplant service in this case. You will undoubtedly discover that this service is a fantastic alternative for you.


What is DHI – Direct Hair Implantation?

The DHI (direct hair implantation) service is a very popular option for those looking to restore their follicle. This service offers a very natural-looking result and is a great option for those with a limited amount of donor’s hair.

The incisions are made using micromotor-assisted punches just as they would be during an FUE transplant (one of the most common hair transplant methods). There is no need to cut into the recipient area with this method. The grafts are placed in special implanter pens with a hollow needle connected to a tube and plunger mechanism. Choi implants are another term for these implanter pens.

Then, a single follicle is removed from the donor site with tweezers. A 40-45 degree angle is inserted into the head with the needle, placing the incision site over the graft after pressing the plunger down.

In terms of size, it is suitable for small-scale surgeries, such as 1500-1700 grafts of hair

Benefits of DHI Hair Transplant method

  • A healthier planting opportunity is enabled by this technique since it reduces the time follicles remain outside the tissue to a minimum.
  • Because there is less incision area, the danger of bleeding is quite small.
  • This approach enables more compact follicle implantation.
  • After planting, the speed of recovery increases.
  • The results are permanent and natural.
  • During the DHI procedure, there is no need to shave the existing hair. Consequently, it can be a suitable option for women who don’t want to have their hair cut while they are receiving their transplants for this reason.
  • The DHI method does not damage any of the existing follicle that is present during the procedure.

What does DHI hair transplant cost?

The DHI hair transplant technique costs $2 per graft. The complete package price, including full service for the procedure, is $2900:


✅ Hair Transplantation Procedure

✅ Hotel Accommodation 3 nights, WB

✅ Transportation (Airport, Hotel, & Clinic )

✅ Medical Interpreter

✅ Medical Examinations

✅ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

✅ Post-op care Hair Essentials

✅ Warranty Certification for Lifetime

✅ Money Back Guarantee


Hair Transplantation Results Before/After