Beard Hair Transplantation

The inability to grow facial hair can be caused by many different factors. Causes such as trauma, surgery, or other factors may lead to the eventual loss of the ability to grow facial hair

In Talizi Clinic we successfully carry out hair transplantation procedures in beard and eyebrow areas. Usually, the quantity of grafts varies between 1500 to 2500.

Medical treatment would not provide an efficient solution for the lack of or thinning beard and mustache that take an important part for the look of a man.

Beard & Mustache hair give a unique ambiance to the facial expression and may be damaged/ not growing due to different pathological  conditions such as:

  • Skin diseases;
  • Environmental factors;
  • Burns and scars;
  • Autoimmune or genetical factors;

Many people who face such conditions address beard transplantation and mustache transplantation  procedures in order to get efficient results. Our clinic is specialized in performing state of the art hair restoration procedures, including beard and mustache transplantation using modern techniques. Whole process takes 2-3 hours, result is visible directly after finishing the procedure, patient returns to normal lifestyle right after the procedure.

Our physicians understand the unique role that beard hair play in accentuating your personal style and look. From the latest beauty trends to the most advanced hair restoration techniques and tools, our experienced physicians can help bring out the most handsome version of you.


Beard Transplantation Price


If you’re looking for a quality beard restoration, look no further than our team at 2,100$. We can help you get the beard you’ve always wanted.


Package includes:

✅ Hair Transplantation Procedure

✅ Hotel Accommodation 1 night, WB

✅ Transportation (Airport, Hotel, & Clinic )

✅ Medical Interpreter

✅ Medical Examinations

✅ Post op care Essentials

✅ Warranty Certification for Lifetime

✅ Money Back Guarantee

Hair Transplantation Results Before/After