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  1. Our Clinics

    The Talizi Hair Transplant Center was founded in Tbilisi in 1998

    We are the member of the ISHRS. Today our service is available in following clinics in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) ...

  2. Long Hair Transplant

    Talizi is the first clinic in Europe which offers you long hair transplant

    A completely new direction in hair transplant field is – long hair transplant. Marcelo Pitchon – a famous Brazilian surgeon is considered to the pioneer...

  3. FUT Method

    Follicular Unit Transplantation – strip method is the basic method in hair restoration surgery

    With FUT method in case of need we perform giga sessions – up to 6000 graft transplantation during 5-6 hour...

  4. FUE Method

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is minimally invasive method of hair transplantation

    Talizi offers large scale FUE procedure up to 4000 grafts transplantation during one session...

  5. BHT Method

    Body Hair Transplantation – BHT

    In cases of poor donor supply with BHT method we are able to harvest additional grafts from different parts of body - chest, beard, legs, pubic, etc...

  6. Tricopihgmentation

    Talizi offers new Tricopigmentation Technology

    Tricopihgmentation is an aesthetic technique that involves introduction of specific pigments into very superficial part of the skin...

  7. Medical Tour

    Medical Tour in Talizi

    Since 2005 Talizi organizes medical tours in Georgia and gives you an opportunity...


Dr. Akaki Tsilosani

Akaki Tsilosani was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1966. Graduated Tbilisi State Medical University in 1989. After passing residency in the department of General Surgery of Tbilisi 4th Clinical Hospital, he worked as general surgeon in several clinics of different regions of Georgia.

Since 1999 he works in Talizi Hair Transplantation Clinic as hair transplant surgeon where he already performed more than 8000 hair transplant sessions. In 2003 he was appointed to the position of Director of the clinic. He is author of 22 scientific works and 6 inventions in the field of hair transplantation. During 2002-2010, Dr. Tsilosani was more concentrating on specializing in performing FUT giga sessions and dense packing. In 2008 he reached the density – 100 FUs in 1 cm2 without decreasing the survival rate (92%). In 2012 he performed record breaking giga session - 9688 follicular units (grafts) transplantation in single, 11 hour FUT session. Trying to maximize the donor supply, in 2006 Dr. Tsilosani has started combining FUT and FUE methods. With Robert True and Marcio Crisostomo he is named as a pioneer in combination of FUT and FUE. In 2010 he was the first in Europe who started Long Hair Transplantation, which nowadays is the significant part of his private practice.

Akaki Tsilosani MD, PhD is the member of Georgian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery.

He is married and has 3 children.

Dr. Vazha Vadachkoria

Dr. Mari Gugava

Dr. Eka Kandiashvili

Dr. Eliso Mshvenieradze

Our team

5th Latin-American FUE workshop

5th Latin-American FUE workshop

The 5th Latin-American FUE workshop was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 18-20th of March. The faculties of the workshop were the top hair transplant surgeons of the world from North and South America and...
Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

On dates September 22nd and 23rd Clinic Talizi has celebrated 20 years anniversary since opening of first hair transplantation clinic in Caucasian region...
Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Clinic TALIZI team has accomplished surgery of unique volume - 9688 follicular units transplantation in single, 11 hour FUT session...
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