Mission and philosophy

Mission and philosophy


To be the first Georgian company setting the example of a Georgian quality standard on the international arena through continuous improvement, growth and service excellence approach. We build a world center of hair transplantation. Each team member is a major engine and based on teamwork we achieve our objective.


Since our inception we constantly changed what we could change and always received what we wanted. These changes were the changes for success.

The changes usually are painful and their implementation needs a great effort, but we always had enough courage and worked hard for it. Most important was our openness to changes. Exactly the openness to the world is the prerequisite of our success.

We turned out to be lucky – we found the thing we love from the beginning – the main task of our life – HAIR TRANSPLANTATION. Love, openness and hardworking – this is TALIZI, the secret of our success and we believe the changes TALIZI makes in your life to be a secret of your success too.