Learn how to transplant a hair – courses in Tbilisi, Georgia

Learn how to transplant a hair – courses in Tbilisi, Georgia

If you want to learn how to transplant hair – courses in Tbilisi, Georgia are the perfect place to start. Hair transplantation is the process of transferring hair from one location to another via surgery. It may be used to restore the head scalp as well as eyebrows and beard. The course offers a comprehensive education in hair restoration, including the history, the principles of alopecia treatment, and the latest methods and techniques used in that field. In addition, the courses provide hands-on training in the latest transplant equipment and techniques. As a result, doctors who complete this training will be able to offer their clients the best possible results.

Why should you study hair loss treatment?

Learning alopecia treatment can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are just five of the many reasons why you should consider learning about this topic: 

1. To help people feel better about themselves. Alopecia can be a devastating experience and often leaves people feeling self-conscious and unattractive. You can help these people regain their confidence and look their best by learning how to treat baldness.

2. To improve your own career prospects. As a doctor, you’ll be in high demand by both patients and employers. By completing a hair transplant course, you’ll be able to offer your clients the latest and most effective treatments available and set yourself apart from other specialists.

3. To make a difference in the lives of others. baldness affects millions of people around the world and often has a profound impact on their quality of life. By learning how to avoid alopecia, you can help these people improve their lives and live healthier, happier lives.

4. To keep up with the latest advancements in baldness treatment. As new technologies and techniques are developed, it’s important to keep up with the latest developments in order to offer your clients the best possible results.

5. To become a leader in that field. As a doctor, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with other professionals in the field.

If you’re interested in learning how to restore hair – Tbilisi is the perfect place to start. For more information about this course, contact the Talizi Hair Transplant Institute.

What to expect at Talizi Hair Transplant Institute?

talizi hair transplant institute offers a comprehensive hair implant-trichology course by skillful and experienced doctors

Interested in starting a new practice? We believe that the highest success is achieved when individuals are allowed to learn from experts, then go on their own. Students may now complete a small case with their favorite approach independently, from start to end, including preoperative appointments, planning of designs (including hairline design); harvesting donor, site formation, and recipient implantation! This will provide future doctors more self-assurance as they begin their own clinics across the United States.

The alopecia treatment course is suitable for both novices and experts. Students will have the opportunity to practice on-the-real surgery training in all phases of various methods, including Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), follicle unit extraction (FUE), BHT cases, as well as more advanced courses with shorter durations intended for experienced surgeons.

Education Program for Doctors

This training includes:

1. Main principles of hair transplantation (theoretical course).

2. Hairline design and planning

3. Anesthesia

4. Harvesting donor material through the Follicular Units Extraction method (FUE).

5. Using the FUT technique, harvest donor material.

6. Eyebrow Restoration

7. A number of methods of material extraction in the ellipse form, using a one-lipped scalpel.

8. Trichophytic closure of a donor wound.

9. A range of techniques that ensures minimal scarring of donor wounds.

10. Creation of micro recipient sites for grafts (coronary and sagittal micro-apertures; the use of micro-tools and needles for their creation).

11. Distribution of micro recipient sites.

12. Choosing right angles for recipient sites.

13. Management and control of the process of graft preparation and implantation

Education Program for Surgical Assistants

This course includes the following topics:

1. Hair graft preparation from a donor material under MEIJI 20x zoom stereo-microscopes.

2. Slivering – the isolation of 1.5–2 mm cross-section donor material for further processing.

3. Assistance during harvesting follicles by both FUT and FUE methods.

4. Graft implantation into micro recipient sites (different techniques- Forceps vs Implanters)

5. Providing assistance to the surgeon during creating micro recipient sites.

Experience of Talizi Hair Institute

Advanced hair restoration clinic – Talizi has been offering treatments for more than 24 years. During this time, we have helped countless people achieve the results they desire. 

Since we first opened our training center, we have welcomed over 300 doctors from all corners of the globe. Each one of them has brought their own unique perspective and skillset to the table, making our training program even more rich and diverse. 

We are proud to have helped so many talented individuals further their careers in medicine, and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years.

Head of the training program

Salome Vadachkoria is a trichologist (hair transplant surgeon) at Talizi Clinic, she is a head of Trichology course trainings.

Salome Vadachkoria is a highly skilled, experienced hair transplant specialist and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. She has worked at Talizi as head of the Training department since 2006, and during this time has trained more than 300 assistants and doctors worldwide. She is passionate about helping people feel confident in their abilities and really loves seeing the results of her work firsthand.

Would you like to study alopecia treatment? Our courses in Tbilisi, Georgia can teach you everything you need to know. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced surgeon, we have a program that will suit your needs. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every step of the process, from preoperative appointments to postoperative follow-ups. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can help you achieve your goals.